Helping Children Reach Their True Potential
Helping Children Reach Their True Potential
Helping Children Reach Their True Potential

Our Approach

We are providing love that heals hearts, food where children are hungry or malnourished, critical improvements to their living conditions, new housing, the ability to attend school, medical care, transition solutions, mentoring/discipleship, great summer camps, volunteer teams, and more

Our Impact

While we provide necessities for urgent needs, CDP is committed to bringing lasting solutions that care for the children’s physical, educational, and spiritual needs, in a way that gives them hope and a future. CDP is now celebrating over 10 years caring for children without any obstacle. We are grateful for giving such facilities to those unprivileged children and care for these dear children!

What we do

CDP staff in individual responsibility are aiding those effected by the poverty. We have been providing food, clothes, hygiene supplies, medicine, education assistance, and more. Not only that we give them shelter, education and basic but also motorcycle mechanical training and learning music.

Our stories

We work to make a family environment with smaller more family style homes for children

Developing learning competency framework, course contents and teaching guidelines for three years program based on the national non formal education curriculum of Bangladesh.

To ensure their nutrition and livelihood support each student is getting four meals in a day and financial monthly support for food to their family.

Helping child to develop the social and emotional skills they need to lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life


Children who left school would have received a good quality education with English and computer skills and comprehensive development, allowing them to develop their full potential in whatever field they choose. This education is the key to getting them and their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Increasing teachers, English teaching, and recovery at Govt. schools lead to a better quality of education by producing safer and more educated children. Conducting digital live classes and students are attending classes through zoom with the provided tablets and internet data package.

Every parent wishes for their child to grow up happy and healthy. Our mental health is a fundamental part to our overall health and well-being. As a guardian we play a huge role in supporting our children’s mental well-being. Nurturing and loving care build a strong foundation .

We are committed to seeing children living in families whenever possible but for so many children there is no such opportunity. For these we meet them where they are, being a shining light through the Holy Spirit reflecting the Father’s great love through our words and actions. For some of these it may be in orphanages, prison, abandonment, and other very difficult situations. For some we are able to bring them to a special place like our home where we have thousands of children who had less place to go

The underprivileged children are not having proper dresses to wear. They always depending on the mercy of local donors who give used dresses of their children. Sometimes they feel pity for themselves to wear worn out and old dresses. This program solves this problem by providing new dresses to the underprivileged children, which are needful for them. Children feel happy and it also improves their confidence in other aspects. They will not feel pity for themselves. They feel loved

Good nutrition is not just about strong bodies – it’s also about strong minds. Hunger is also particularly dangerous for children and increasing their risk.