Who we are

We see many children before us who are in very great need of support like us. In this amazing yet fleeting gift of life, we are blessed so we can care for others in need such as unprivileged children. We are the only choice who can bring hope and comfort to children who are genuinely struggling. We can give them a home with love, and a future with promise.

Work For Unprivileged Children

Our Mission

We are providing love that heals hearts, food where children are hungry or malnourished, critical improvements to their living conditions, new housing, the ability to attend school, medical care, transition solutions, mentoring/discipleship, great summer camps, volunteer teams, and more. The mission of the CDP on Children’s Rights is to promote the rights of the child through study, reflection, and dissemination of information about the multiple perspectives and contexts for children’s rights.

Our Vision

The CDP for Young Children program at the world foundation seeks to identify and develop the next generation of early childhood leaders throughout the world. This program serves as a model of expanding capacity at the country and regional levels, while building a cohesive community of international leadership to impact policy and practice worldwide.